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Filming in Number 10... Again

Back in January I had the honour once again of going inside Number 10 to film the current Prime Minister for ITV's TONIGHT. We spent two days with Rishi Sunak filming in the Cabinet Office, his own office and we were invited into the flat he shares with his family. It was a rare chance to gain exclusive access to capture an intimate portrait of the Prime Minister during an election year.

In 2015 I went with ITV's TONIGHT to film David Cameron ahead of the election that year. We also filmed in the Cabinet Office, his office and the Number 11 flat where he and his family lived.

Only twice has a film crew been invited into the Prime Minister's private residence in Number 10/Number 11 this century and I've had the luck of being part of both. Depending on how this year's election plays out, in another 5 years I might be going back to film another Prime Minister...

TONIGHT had also profiled the opposition leader, Kier Starmer two weeks previously.

Masterfully directed by Emma Slifkin and shot by Will Middleton you can watch TONIGHT: Rishi Sunak Up Close HERE


Jonny & Will in front of the Number 10 door
Will & Jonny after wrapping

An early morning view of Downing Street taken from Whitehall
5am outside Downing Street

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